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  • The Tissue Processor

    The Tissue Processor

    The ultimate break-through in tissue processing. No more xylene, microwave, iso-propanol, or any other in between reagent. Alcohol - CO2 - Paraffin. That´s it, that´s all. Read more

  • Pure, natural CO2

    Pure, natural CO2

    The Tispa Medical Processor is based on the same pure and natural CO2 that is used in your mineral water. Elimination of toxic solvents creates an improved work space and is good for the environment. Read more

  • Improved efficiency, earlier results

    Improved efficiency, earlier results

    The Tispa Medical Processor I processes up to 100 standard tissue cassettes within 2.5 hours. The Tispa Processor combines shorter TAT (turnaround time) with smaller batches. This offers an even workflow over the day and possibility for same day diagnosis. Read more

With support of European Union, Fryslân and SNN

Tispa Medical is developing the “Tispa 2” with the support of The European Union, The European Regional Development Fund and the Province of Friesland. The Tispa 2 tissue processor will be smaller, cheaper and even faster than its predecessor the Tispa 1. The launch of the Tispa 2 is to be expected in the second quarter of 2018.

Met ondersteuning van Europesche Unie, Fryslân en SNN

Met ondersteuning van de Europese Unie, het Europees Fonds voor Regionale Ontwikkeling en de Provincie Friesland ontwikkelt Tispa Medical de “Tispa 2”. De “Tispa 2” weefseldoorvoermachine zal kleiner, goedkoper en nog sneller zijn dan voorganger “Tispa 1”. Lancering van de “Tispa 2” wordt verwacht in het tweede kwartaal van 2018.

European Union Fryslan SNN
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  • Xs2HiTek-workshop Diagnostic in Pathology

    Xs2HiTek-workshop 'Diagnostiek in de Pathologie' 2014

  • 1st NordiQC Conference on Standardisation in applied Immunohistochemistry

    Tispa Medical supports this conference and will be present for interactive communication about standardisation in Tissue Processing.

    The event will take place in Aalborg from June 5 to June 7.

    Click on this news item for a link to the conference website

  • Bamberger Morphologietage

    Tispa Medical will present their innovation in tissue processing on the Bamberger Morphologietage.
    When? January 18 and 19
    Where? Welcome Kongresshotel Bamberg

    Tispa Medical is a guest on the exhibition booth 30 of Slee Medical

  • Winter meeting Pathology

    Tispa Medical will present their innovation in tissue processing in Utrecht during the Pathology Winter Meeting.
    When? January 7 and 8