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Benchmark studies by independent pathologists have proven that the visual results of samples processed with the Tispa Processor were equal and in some cases better than traditionally (or microwave) processed samples. The Tispa Tissue Processor meets and sometimes exceeds the quality that you are used to today.

The Tispa process uses clean ethanol and CO2 every cycle. Especially in the advancing molecular techniques, we expect this to reduce the risk of cross contamination between samples and increase the quality of diagnosis.

The Tispa Process is the first to take tissue processing from the liquid phase to the gas phase. Important aspects in tissue processing, like mass transfer and diffusion, are a factor 100 faster than in liquid. This promises an infinite opportunity for further improvements and addition of features and the best combination with advances in immuno and molecular techniques.

The Tispa process does not have an internal fixation step. This contributes to the trend in pathology towards increased standardization.

Our innovative and refreshing way of taking tissue processing to a new level, opens the way for new directions and possibilities in the field of pathology. Feel challenged and join our research support program Bleuel Research Fund.