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Research on : CO2 the new solvent in pathology  

Tispa Medical in cooperation with the University Medical Centre Groningen have developed a new technique of tissue processing, taking the process from a liquid phase to a gas phase. Using liquid solvents (ethanol, xylene) for tissue processing has met its boundaries, by using super critical CO2 (ethanol, CO2) we have been able to increase the diffusion exponentially in a gentle environment. The process uses fresh ethanol and CO2 for each run resulting in  stable quality. Tispa Processor is clinically validated and operational. Diagnostic results are similar to the conventional process, as outline in Histopathology  "Solvent-free tissue processing using super-critical CO2"

There are indications that our CO2 based process is opening new possibilities in new (molecular) techniques or alternative processing (unfixed). CO2 is also used for many other applications like impregnation or extraction. We would like to invite you to explore this CO2 tissue processing technique in your field of expertise. To discover these potential advantages Tispa Medical has launched the Bleuel Research Fund. The Bleuel Research Fund can support selected research projects. 

If you would like to test the CO2 tissue processing, Tispa Medical has demo machines available to process your tissue samples at our location or can install a demo machine at your site for selected research projects. 

Please submit your research project or for any questions please contact ian.spoelstra@tispamedical.com